The X-Files Flops at Box Office

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You're not going to hear us report on movies very often, but with the X-Files franchise being a television show (and one of our favorites), it's hard to overlook the new movie's debut at the movie theater. Despite the fact that the new film was well advertised (high volume... trailers weren't so good) on television and the Internet (I couldn't visit a site in the past week without seeing an ad for it), the new X-Files film was a flop, bringing in a ... Read More

William Peterson (Gil Grissom) Leaving CSI

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This shouldn't exactly come as a shock to any long-time CSI fan. William Peterson, who plays the ever popular supervisor Gil Grissom, has been looking for a way out for a few years now. He had a short stint in a play which allowed him to leave the show for a brief period of time. Anytime an actor plays a single character for this long (eight seasons thus far), the odds of him/her wanting a change is only natural. Most ... Read More

Fear Itself – S01E04 – In Sickness and in Health Review

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"In Sickness and in Health" is the one episode I've been waiting to see in the Fear Itself anthology series. The reason for this is PSYCH's James Roday and Maggie Lawson star in the episode. Regardless of the season, PSYCH is always in my top five shows on television. It's a very well-written show. I was hoping for some of that great writing would come into play here, thinking that maybe Roday would have a hand in the script like ... Read More

J.J. Abrams’ Fringe Preview

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When the networks do their upfronts each year, there is always a show or two that catches my eye, either because it sounds like something I'll like or it's something I know has no chance of being successful. Along with Dollhouse, Fringe caught my eye this year. (I'm sure there were a few others, but those are the two that come to mind.) It promised to be a science-fiction thriller. The science-fiction genre has a little bit of everything in ... Read More

New X-Files Movie Trailer

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It wasn't that long ago that 20th Century Fox released the first trailer for the much-anticipated X-Files movie sequel, The X-Files: I Want to Believe. Some, including myself, felt it was a big disappointment. It was awfully light on content, and was really just a bunch of black flashes, giving us very little insight as to what the plot of the movie is going to be about. Yahoo now has the second trailer for the movie. It's exclusive to them ... Read More

The X-Files: I Want to Believe Trailer

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The first trailer for the new X-Files movie is out thanks to IGN. I wish I were blown away by it, but I really wasn't. I have to admit it was a little disappointing. Read More

The X-Files 2

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It's no secret that a sequel to The X-Files is in the works. It was one of my favorite TV shows and I enjoyed the first movie. The movie continued with the mythology of the series, which was nice. But to be honest, I haven't followed the development of the film sequel. I haven't even checked to see what the plot is or anything. I hate being spoiled by that sort of thing. But the people ... Read More