What We’re Watching This Summer

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Fall television has come and gone, leaving us with a cornucopia of terrible reality shows and just a handful of TV shows worth watching. I asked our writers to let me know what they will be watching this summer. We would love your picks as well. You can leave a comment in the box below. James Chamberlin I was really shocked when USA canceled both The Dead Zone and The 4400. Although The Dead Zone had seen better days and ... Read More

Monk Renewed

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To the surprise of no one, Monk was renewed for a seventh season. What is surprising is that season seven will likely be the last one. According to reports, the series is getting very expensive to produce. Keep in mind that Tony Shalhoub just got a new contract, so I'm wondering how much of the show's cost is to keep him onboard. It's not like they could dump him; he's integral to the show. With the end of the ... Read More

The 4400 & The Dead Zone Cancelled

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Damn. I really didn't see that news coming. I figured The Dead Zone had another year left and The 4400 had two more seasons left. But I guess the powers that be are set to move on. I am wondering what they will be replaced by. I'm hoping it's not another cop drama like Monk or Psych. Though I love those shows, I think USA could bring too much of that type of thing to the ... Read More

The Dead Zone – S06E05 – Interred Review

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Out for a little golf on the local driving range, Johnny has a vision of a man buried alive. The initial vision doesn't really offer many details as to what the man looks like or where he may be. Johnny is able to convince the sheriff to help him search, but the pair are unable to find any fresh graves at one of the local cemeteries. Sheriff Anna Turner, played by Cara Buono, used to be more reluctant to believe Johnny ... Read More

The Dead Zone – S06E04 – Big Top Review

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This week on The Dead Zone, we learn that J.J. has been sneaking out of the house, while a distracted Sarah tends to her newborn daughter, Hope. J.J. has told his soccer coach that he injured his ankle and has been going to a nearby circus which is in the old airfield. Johnny learns of the lies when he's called by the coach and has a vision of J.J. Johnny follows J.J. and sees he has a fascination with ... Read More

The Dead Zone – S06E03 – Re-Entry Review

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In "Re-Entry", Johnny must save the lives of a group of astronauts who are about to re-enter Earth's atmosphere. We first learn of the problematic shuttle at a speech Vice President Stillson is making. He's pushing for a program which allows civilians to be able to travel into space. It's not until the speech is over that Stillson finds out there is a problem with the shuttle. Stillson confronts Johnny at his house. There, Stillson asks for ... Read More

The Dead Zone – S06E02 – Ego Review

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With the death of Walt Bannerman looming over the town, a new sheriff is brought in for the time being. When Johnny meets her for the first time, he has a vision of her shooting a woman at night. The sheriff brushes off Johnny and his vision. She seems to want to run a pretty tight ship, and there isn't any room for a silly psychic. When Johnny meets the woman the sheriff supposedly shoots in the vision, he learns ... Read More

The Dead Zone – S06E01 – Heritage Review

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The Dead Zone made its sixth season premier tonight. Although I'm not as big of a fan of the series as I was in the beginning, it's still a decent show. Anyway, tonight's episode focused on a vision Johnny had of a friend dying. It turns out Johnny envisions Walt being killed somehow and he's got to stop it from coming true. According to Sarah, Walt has been acting funny recently. He's been receiving lots of phone calls and ... Read More