Megalyn Echikunwoke Joining CSI Miami

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Fans of the USA Network series The 4400 are no strangers to Megalyn Echikunwoke. She played a pivotal role on the science fiction drama. But with The 4400 canceled, Megalyn has been able to find a new job as a coroner on the CBS hit drama CSI Miami. She'll be replacing Khandi Alexander, who played Miami-Dade medical examiner Dr. Alexx Woods since the start of the series. Megalyn Echikunwoke The new season of CSI Miami begins September 22nd on CBS. Read More

What We’re Watching This Summer

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Fall television has come and gone, leaving us with a cornucopia of terrible reality shows and just a handful of TV shows worth watching. I asked our writers to let me know what they will be watching this summer. We would love your picks as well. You can leave a comment in the box below. James Chamberlin I was really shocked when USA canceled both The Dead Zone and The 4400. Although The Dead Zone had seen better days and ... Read More

Monk Renewed

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To the surprise of no one, Monk was renewed for a seventh season. What is surprising is that season seven will likely be the last one. According to reports, the series is getting very expensive to produce. Keep in mind that Tony Shalhoub just got a new contract, so I'm wondering how much of the show's cost is to keep him onboard. It's not like they could dump him; he's integral to the show. With the end of the ... Read More

The 4400 Season 4 DVDs

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It wasn't that long ago that it was announced that The 4400 was being canceled. I was pretty upset by this news, but there's not much I can do about it, especially when the props and set are already being sold. And now we finally have word that the last season will be coming out on DVD this May (6th). That news wasn't surprising, but the box cover the studio released to the media was surprising. Is it just me ... Read More

The 4400 & The Dead Zone Cancelled

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Damn. I really didn't see that news coming. I figured The Dead Zone had another year left and The 4400 had two more seasons left. But I guess the powers that be are set to move on. I am wondering what they will be replaced by. I'm hoping it's not another cop drama like Monk or Psych. Though I love those shows, I think USA could bring too much of that type of thing to the ... Read More

The 4400 – S04E13 – The Great Leap Forward Review

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Last week, we left off with the exciting possible death of Tom Baldwin. Diana had shot him in self-defense. In "The Great Leap Forward," we pick up right where we left off. Diana and Meghan have Shawn and Marco waiting outside. They give Tom an injection of some radioactive material to kill the nannites inside him. Shawn is then brought in to bring Tom back to life. Their plan works remarkably well given the obvious fragility ... Read More

The 4400 – S04E12 – Tiny Machines Review

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Diana and Meghan are becoming more and more suspicious of Tom, who has been taken over by a person of the future. In "Tiny Machines," they spoke more about their difficulty in keeping their suspicions to themselves. They're very concerned that Tom may notice them behaving differently. Curious about getting the "thing" out of Tom, Diana and Meghan travel to Canada and meet with Curtis Peck, the 4400 who first alerted people about the marked. Although he was hesitant about ... Read More

The 4400 – S04E11 – Ghost in the Machine Review

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Computers across the world begin crashing. The computers all have the same thing in common: Ubient Software is in every one of them. Tom and Diana determine that one person in particular is responsible for the virus attacking Drew Imroth's software. An elderly man has taken promicin recently and is seeking revenge on Imroth for "stealing" his work. Tom, who has been taken over by an agent of the future, knows that the marked need the financial backing ... Read More

The 4400 – S04E10 – One of Us Review

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When I saw P.J. make the game in "No Exit" two episodes ago, I was kind of surprised in a bizarre way. This week's episode has a similar event, leaving me with the same feeling. Byron Lillibridge, a 4400 who is following Jordan and Kyle, uses his ability to make Richard see his late wife, Lily. My, it's been a long time since Lily (Laura Allen) has been on the show. She and Richard have been missed. ... Read More

The 4400 – S04E09 – Daddy’s Little Girl Review

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In "Daddy's Little Girl," we got to see a few older 4400s return to the show. Tess Doerner, Kevin Burkhoff, and Richard Tyler all came back to Seattle. Tess, who is schizophrenic, has taken over a diner and has been forcing customers dance for her for two straight days. Scared for Tess and the customers, Kevin seeks out Shawn's healing powers to help her out. Meanwhile, Richard, who we haven't seen in a while, has come back to Promise City. ... Read More