Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles – S01E02 – Gnothi Seauton Review

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After viewing this episode, I can understand why Fox decided to air the first two episodes on consecutive nights. The pilot established the circumstances under which the series is set up, and this episode illustrates not only the fish out-of-water mindset of the Conners, but the urgency for both SkyNet and the Resistance to succeed in their goals. Thereby, justifying the need for a weekly show to tell the story. Sarah’s piece of mind about being in a different time is quickly shattered ... Read More

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – S01E01 – Pilot Review

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When a much beloved franchise like the Terminator series comes to television, many naysayers would come to dislike the concept right at the get-go without even giving it a chance. To many people, no Arnold equals no interest. I feel pity for those dissenters, because from what I saw in the pilot, the producers not only know the limitations of the story per the films, they know to rearrange the deck chairs so that they move forward with a long-term episodic format. The ... Read More

Terminator Marathon

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As far television is concerned, this past fall season may have been best known for the writer's strike. It hurt a lot of shows and put a lot of people out of business for a while. Despite all of this, last year saw some excellent television shows make their debut. Fox's Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was one of those shows. People didn't know quite what to expect, but were pleasantly surprised by what was aired. Here's a brief ... Read More