Survivor: South Pacific – Running the Show Review

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It's episodes like "Running the Show" that frustrate me. They build a lot of suspense about a potentially huge move in the game only to fall flat. I hate being teased by some of the ideas presented in this episode. For Whitney and Dawn to advance in the game, Albert, Sophie, and Cochran had to agree to bring them into their little group and turn the game on its head by voting out Edna, Coach's little robot. Albert's opinions of ... Read More

Survivor: South Pacific – Cut Throat Review

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After the crazy turn of events that came about when Cochran turned his allegiance to Coach’s half of the new tribe, I’ve been anxiously awaiting to see what sort of impact it would have on the Survivor players. Cochran definitely had a frosty reaction from Jim, Whitney, and Ozzy. Jim and Whitney were downright cruel when they expressed their anger about Cochran’s betrayal. Ozzy’s crew hasn’t given up all hope, but it isn’t looking good at this point. Jim’s initial ... Read More

Survivor: South Pacific – Double Agent Review

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This week’s Survivor recap reinforced just how crazy it was for Ozzy to sacrifice himself to help his tribe should a merge take place. The big question was whether this would prove to be a genius move or a dumb move. As it turns out, it may have been a mistake, but not for the obvious reason. The decision to have Cochran become a double agent was a terrible one. It inadvertently gave Cochran the opportunity to reconsider the position ... Read More

Survivor: South Pacific – Trojan Horse Review

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I didn’t get around to writing a review of last week’s episode, but I couldn’t resist talking about tonight’s all-new episode featuring one of the craziest twists Survivor has ever seen and let’s face it: Survivor has had its fair share of surprises. Before we talk about the wild twists that took place later in the episode, let’s talk about Coach for a minute. This guy continues to amaze me. I’m blown away by the fact that no one has tried ... Read More

Survivor: South Pacific – Taste The Victory Review

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Talk about your big episode. "Taste The Victory" was the very definition of it! This had everything from gluttony to betrayal. It's Survivor. We expect nothing less. It's somewhat rare for Brandon Hantz to not be at the center of attention in an episode. He's been the central character in many of this year's episodes. Coach and Ozzy were actually front and center. Stacey's comments at the duel may seem damaging, but I suspect everyone knew that Coach ... Read More

Survivor: South Pacific – Survivalism Review

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This Survivor season is still very young, but there's always some major movie plotted early on and it is Jim Rice, the marijuana dispenser, who is getting things going early on. His strategy to get Elyse voted out is a smart one if he can in fact orchestrate it. If Elyse were to go home, it may disrupt Ozzy's plan. I used to really like Ozzy. He's really annoying this year. With all of the focus on him as ... Read More

Survivor: South Pacific – Reap What You Sow Review

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Was there really any doubt about how Brandon was going to act? Coach has every right at this point to have some serious doubt about where Brandon's head is. While it may be easy to draw comparisons between Brandon and his uncle Russell, I'd like to think much of his behavior has more to do with his age than any bloodline. Brandon's a very young man and seems to have some demons. I have no idea what he's done in ... Read More

Survivor: South Pacific – He Has Demons Review

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After promising to change and be more helpful around camp, Cochran proved he was a man of his word. He got right to work, cutting open a tasty coconut. I think Cochran can do well in the game, but he has to be careful with his actions. He’s not the most socially adept person on Survivor. Saying the wrong thing could undo all of his hard work around camp. For Ozzy, I was really impressed by his hunt for ... Read More

Survivor: South Pacific – I Need Redemption Review

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Survivor is back, baby! I've been a little down on the series of late because of the show's determination to get past contestants onto new seasons at every cost. The decision to bring back Ozzy and Coach wasn't something I was looking for, but let's face it. There's nothing we can do about that. My hope for Coach, in particular, is that he becomes more aware of everyone around him and forms genuine alliances. They're going to go a ... Read More

Survivor: Redemption Island Merge Thoughts

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Merge time always brings about a nervousness among the Survivor castaways. Every year people vote one another off and then two very different tribes are forced into one, essentially bringing two groups of enemies and forcing them to live together. This Thursday, we saw nothing new in the "This Game Respects Big Moves". Ometepe and Zapatera may not be part of Murlonio, but the division is obvious. It was even discussed briefly at tribal council. To make things interesting last night, ... Read More