Reaper – S02E09 – No Reaper Left Behind Review

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The Devil has really been pushing Sam towards ruling Earth for him in the last few weeks. Just recently Sam and his half-brother Morgan were forced to compete for the job and it was Sam who accidentally won that gig. Since Sam knows very little about Hell, he was given access to a tutor, a young woman that The Devil has had his eyes on for some time now. Sam didn't waste any time when it came to coming up with ... Read More

Reaper – S02E08 – The Home Stretch Review

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Sam and Morgan were once again given soul-catching duty by the Devil. While the Devil liked to bring about a competition-like atmosphere, I never felt it. Sam didn't want to beat Morgan so he stayed out of it for the most part. Sock is something else. He never turns down a chance to hit on a girl and he was the same old Sock this week... hitting on a girl at a funeral of all places. Good lord. ... Read More

Reaper – S02E07 – The Good Soil Review

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The time has finally come to see Kristen leave. We all knew it was coming. The character's brief stint on the series was memorable, much more so than many of the other characters that have appeared. Watching Sock whine and moan over having to see his step-sister dance, sing, do yoga, etc was one of the highlights of this season. As for this week's soul, I had a tough time getting interested in him. I know Sock and Ben ... Read More

Reaper – S02E06 – Underbelly Review

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So leave it up to The Devil to get Sam and his friends into a dangerous situation. Sam takes his friends (even Andi) on a little road trip to catch a soul which is hiding out in a cute little town which is known for people vacationing on the weekends. The trouble is most of these people are never seen again, swallowed up by a strange soul which lurks in the town's old silver mine. The topic of relationships was brought ... Read More

Reaper – S02E05 – I Want My Baby Back Review

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Wow, Morgan has only appeared in two episodes as The Devil's favorite son and he's already driving me nuts. It's hard to imagine he would be this irritating, but his interactions with Andi were very inappropriate. The opening to this episode was pretty good considering the fact that viewers knew what to expect once Sock learned of Sam's dad's condition. The setup to prank Ben was good, but Ben's initial excuse of where he wanted to be and why had to ... Read More

Reaper – S02E04 – The Favorite Review

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Armie Hammer has signed on to guest star as Morgan, The Devil's favorite son. According to IMDB, he'll be on for four episodes and I enjoyed him this week in "The Favorite." The Devil tried to create a little sibling rivalry between Morgan and Sam, but they didn't quite fall for it. Sam may whine a lot, but he gets the job done, while Morgan on the other hand, is charming, but always fails at accomplishing anything. There ... Read More

Reaper – S02E03 – The Sweet Science Review

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Tuesday's episode of Reaper was an absolute riot to watch. Not only were there funny moments with Sock, Andi, and Sam, but The Devil had me in stitches. Sam was given the seemingly impossible task of bringing down a prizefighter who escaped from Hell. The guy wasn't the typical big, hulking beast, but was a decent sized fella who seemed to handle himself in the ring. He sure gave Sam a beat-down. Poor Ben was in a rough spot when he ... Read More

Reaper – S02E02 – Dirty Sexy Mongol Review

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I was saddened by the departure of Ted this week. Although Ted doesn't have a huge impact on the show, he's often involved in something that is worth a laugh. Perhaps the writers are out of material for him. Whatever the case, Reaper won't quite be the same without him. Andi and Sam set out to track down Alan, but he made himself difficult to find because he wants nothing to do with Sam or The Devil. After escaping, ... Read More

Reaper – S02E01 – A New Hope Review

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One of the best shows on television returned two weeks ago.  After watching season one in somewhat of a marathon, I quickly fell in love with Reaper.  It's story is interesting and the characters are a lot of fun. Following the apparent death of Sam's father, Sam, Sock, and Ben took off from work for an entire month, only to find out that they've been fired, evicted from their apartment, and Andi is pissed at Sam because he didn't tell her about where ... Read More

Reaper – S01E18 – Cancun Review

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Reaper's first season ended with more talk about who Sam's real father is. Sam's dad didn't like to talk about the secret, but he claimed that he couldn't talk about it, even after he caught his parents talking in a circle, which as we all know, means their conversation can't be heard by The Devil. I really enjoyed Sock's little story this week. He doesn't always get a story of his own, but he had a funny one in "Cancun". ... Read More