MythBusters S12E10 Breaking Bad Special Review

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Truth be told, I haven't been watching MythBusters quite as regularly as I used to. I've been very busy and just haven't been able to keep up with watching everything. MythBusters happens to be one of those shows I've neglected. However with them doing a crossover with Breaking Bad, well, I just couldn't help myself. The fine folks over at MythBusters were asked to look into two scenes, both of which took place very early in the series. The first scene ... Read More

MythBusters Buster’s Cut – What’s Discovery Thinking?

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I don't do many general opinion pieces anymore, but today just happened to be the day for two of them. After watching a few of these so-called "new" episodes of MythBusters, I've just about had it with Discovery Channel's marketing tactics. In case you haven't seen these, the series is off for the summer, but Discovery has decided to take old episodes, add occasional pop-ups with relevant information, and call them new episodes. I have a problem with the last bit. ... Read More

MythBusters – S06E20 – Viewer Special Threequel Review

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It seems that Discovery threw in a bonus episode to finish off the sixth season. I wasn't expecting another viewer special, but this proved to be an excellent episode of MythBusters. Jame and Adam tackled two myths while Grant, Tory, and Kari took on another two. I'll start with the torture myth. This one came from stories about soldiers who were taken prisoner during the war and were tortured by being held to the ground while Bamboo trees grew into ... Read More

MythBusters – S06E19 – End With a Bang Review

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It looks as though the MythBusters season finale is upon us. Discovery said we had eleven episodes left starting in August and "End With a Bang" not only sounds like a perfect name for a season finale, but it is also the eleventh episode. The episode was another one which dealt with idioms, common phrases which go back generations. I used to be a fan of these, but these types of myths are rarely all that entertaining. Can you polish a turd? ... Read More

MythBusters – S06E18 – Coffin Punch Review

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"Coffin Punch" focused on whether or not you could punch your way out of a coffin and what is bulletproof. The bulletproof myth that Jamie and Adam tackled was what I was most interested. I've always had an interest in these sorts of myths and they sadly get overlooked for ones which require the use of some sort of explosives. The guys can take a trip to the gun range just as easily and it doesn't require an entire FBI team ... Read More

MythBusters – S06E17 – Motorcycle Flip Review

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Another Indiana Jones myth. The Indy movies have always been favorites and it's hard not to remember that scene wherein Indiana Jones shoves that flag pole into the wheel of a Nazi motorcyclist, sending the Nazi straight into the sky, flipping the bike multiple times. Ah, what good times. Jamie brought up an interesting point early on in this episode as far as whether or not this is possible. He correctly pointed out that it seems rather difficult to change ... Read More

MythBusters – S06E16 – Alcohol Myths Review

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Alcohol myths have been few and far between on MythBusters, but the team did a few not all that long ago. It just makes sense for them to find out what the best sobering-up technique is. I can't say as though I'd go with any of them over the others, but I don't drink alcohol. The first alcohol myth was the phenomenon known as beer goggles. The idea is simple: as you drink more alcohol, people of the opposite sex ... Read More

MythBusters – S06E15 – Ninjas 2 Review

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Ever since the other ninja episode aired, I've been waiting for an encore episode. There are a lot of ninja myths to test and they've now done quite a few of them. Their arrow-catching myth proved controversial among some of the fans of the show. I'm a big fan of myths revisited because the guys will sometimes make mistakes, but here, they simply were given the chance to prove that they had it right which is fine with me. Shockingly, ... Read More

MythBusters – S06E14 – Blind Driving Review

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This episode of MythBusters focused on driving and golfing, neither of which I'm a pro at. Jamie and Adam took on the myth about being able to drive blind first. They each took a trip around a closed course with the other one in the back seat, guiding them. I found Adam to be a better driving assistant than Jamie so it was surprising Jamie was the one who was selected to take part in the other portions of ... Read More

MythBusters – S06E13 – Water Stun Gun Review

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I almost forgot about this episode. It kind of escaped my mind, what with all of the other shows returning now. I can't skip one of my favorite series, so on with the review. The big myth of the show was Jamie and Adam's attempt to combine water guns with a taser gun. It came thanks to a myth that suggested the government was working on a gun which would essentially work as an water stun gun, a very effective ... Read More