Knight Rider (2008) – S01E01 – A Knight in Shining Armor Review

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The pilot/movie didn't excite me a whole lot, so when the series itself began, I frankly had my eyes set on the premieres of other shows. Knight Rider hasn't received a whole lot of buzz and after watching the season premiere, it's clear why: it's not a very good show. Although Knight Rider is a recognizable name for a series, it isn't really known for its excellence. The 80s series was good, but not great. The same goes for the ... Read More

Knight Rider (2008) – Pilot Review

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When I think of shows I liked as a kid, it's hard not to include Knight Rider in any sort of list. Sure, it was a fairly cheesy show, but a lot of 80s shows were like that. I was pretty excited when I heard NBC was bringing back KITT. The only concern I had was the driver. David Hasselhoff has moved on to other things, so who would be brought in? Justin Bruening was chosen to play Michael ... Read More

Knight Rider Trailer

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I saw a trailer for the new TV movie Knight Rider on IGN and figured I'd link to it here. I have some of the original series' DVDs, but I'm still missing some. The video will be below the fold, as it were. I don't like this sort of thing to slow down the loading of the main page. Read More