In Plain Sight – S01E12 – A Fine Meth Review

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The previous episode, "Stan By Me" has turned out to be a much better setup episode than I expected it would be. I had my doubts about how it would serve as a lead-in to tonight's season finale, but I'm pleased to say that things worked out well. After Mary went through being drugged, kidnapped, almost raped and shot, there was the inevitable aftermath of it all. How she would react around her mother and sister was something I was curious ... Read More

In Plain Sight – S01E11 – Stan By Me Review

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I'm not sure why, but In Plain Sight's first season has been very light on intense drama. There have only been a few moments where I felt that something bad could happen to Mary, Marshall, or one of their witnesses. Thankfully, "Stan By Me" was much better at delivering a dramatic punch. The teaser USA ran after last week's episode gave away this week's plot. Frankly, it gave away too much in my opinion. You knew how things would ... Read More

In Plain Sight – S01E10 – To Serge with Love Review

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Just when I thought the love triangle may have come to an end, it reappeared at the end of the episode to really surprise me. This week, Mary dropped her sister, Brandi, off at the airport but it was all a trick. Brandi's rather sneaky, much more so than I thought. She stashed a load of meth in a suitcase and hid it in her room at Mary's and was back with her boyfriend, preparing to sell it. That story turned out ... Read More

In Plain Sight – S01E09 – Good Cop Dead Cop Review

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I thought the main story of tonight would have been much more compelling than it turned out to be. Loaded with cliche's, "Good Cop Bad Cop" was only good for advancing the love triangle of Mary-Raphael-Brandi, which ended up being a little disappointing, frankly. The love triangle is the only aspect of the story that lasts for more than one episode. Mary and Marshall protecting a dirty cop didn't pan out to be all that interesting of a story. And ... Read More

In Plain Sight – S01E08 – Don of the Dead Review

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"Don of the Dead" was a bit different from the rest of the season. Instead of protecting a couple from harm, Mary and Marshal had to spend most of the hour searching for the husband when he went missing. It looked like it may have something to do with why the couple was in protective custody in the first place. Religion had a big influence on the characters featured in the show. The couple, who were devout Catholics, were very ... Read More

In Plain Sight Renewed For Second Season

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This didn't really surprise me, but USA Network announced that their new hit drama In Plain Sight will be renewed for a second season. The second season will be composed of sixteen new episodes and star Mary McCormack (The West Wing) will be returning. Fred Weller as Marshall Mann and Mary McCormack as Mary Shannon McCormack plays Mary Shannon, a U.S. Marshal working in the highly-secretive branch of the witness protection program (WITSEC) who relocates Federal Witnesses - many of whom are ... Read More

In Plain Sight – S01E07 – Iris Doesn’t Live Here Anymore Review

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We're now seven episodes in and I've yet to fall in love with the show in the same manner I did with many of the other USA Network shows over the years. I enjoy In Plain Sight, but I'm just not loving it yet. Mary and Marshall had quite a problem on their hands this week when a young girl witnesses a gang shooting and she and her family have to be relocated for their safety. Things are hampered by the ... Read More

In Plain Sight – S01E06 – High Priced Spread Review

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When you start to watch a new series, it can be a little irritating when the writers don't tell you a whole lot about the characters' past. This isn't always an issue, of course, but on In Plain Sight, we know a little bit about everyone, but there hasn't been enough time to go into everything yet. One thing that has me curious is the lack of a father/husband in the picture. Is he dead? What happened? This topic ... Read More

In Plain Sight – S01E05 – Who Shot Jay Arnstein Review

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Following last week's somewhat heavy episode, I expected Marshall to be out-of-commission, at least for this week. Instead, he was thrown back out there with Mary. I'm a little disappointed by this. It seems traumatic injuries rarely have any lasting effect. Throw Marshall's arm in a sling, and that story is over. How lazy?! Anyway, Mary was put in a rather precarious position when she and Marshall had to help a new protectee bring in his wife and ... Read More

In Plain Sight – S01E04 – Trojan Horst Review

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Coming into this episode, I wasn't sure what to expect other than a funny episode. The show has had a terrific sense of humor to it and I just knew special guest star Dave Foley would add to that. When you get right into the episode, you learn just how bad Foley's character seems to be: a contract killer who ends up getting protection for agreeing to deliver Lola, the woman who apparently hires him for hits. David Foley as Horst ... Read More