Heroes – S04E01/02 – Orientation/Jump, Push, Fall Review

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Heroes! When you hear that name lots of people around the world jump for joy. From the very beginning Heroes was a true winner. It didn't stay that way for long though. After the second season everything went downhill and has yet to reach the peak this show once held. Many viewers are hoping that season 4 can bring back the glory days. This season just might do that. H.R.G. and Claire are going on with their lives. Claire is enrolled in college ... Read More

Heroes – S03E25 – An Invisible Thread Review

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Heroes has always been a show that could leave us breathless or dissatisfied. Season one without question was the best season this show has ever done. Season two was a let down and many viewers were lost. Tim Kring promised his fans that the third season will go back to their roots.  At first he was right. The show kicked off with a bang.  Sylar got Claire's power, we were introduced to some new villains, old characters returned, and the useless ones ... Read More

Heroes – S03E24 – I Am Sylar Review

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This episode was a major step up from last weeks. Maybe because it didn't feature the Petrelli family much? Or maybe because it featured other characters that we haven't seen much? Or could it be because this was the last episode until the season finale? Whatever the reason this episode was enjoyable and gave me a reason to enjoy my Monday night again. This episode had Matt Parkman reunited with his family. Hiro and Ando tried to get Matt to help them break ... Read More

Heroes – S03E23 – 1961 Review

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This episode was supposed to enlighten us on why it was such a bad idea to start rounding up people with special abilities. This episode was supposed to tell us about Angela's sister and her biggest mistake. This episode was to clear up some of the questions that has been lingering in our minds for three seasons. All this episode did was bore me and make me cringe at scenes that weren't suppose to be cringe-worthy.  This episode served its purpose but it ... Read More

Heroes – S03E22 – Turn and Face the Strange Review

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This second half of the season has been the best. It seems to be on the same track as the first season. This my friends is a good thing. We got to see Noah at his best. Peter had very limited screen time. Hiro and Ando was on another fun adventure and Matt Parkman finally showed his worth. This episode made me remember why I like Heroes so much! Matt Parkman was on a mission this episode. His mission was to find someone ... Read More

Heroes – S03E21 – Into Asylum Review

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Heroes has always been a good show.  It has had its ups and downs over the show's entire run. The third volume bounced with consistency. This volume has pretty much been on the same track all season long. This is a good thing.  This episode showed the strength of their weakest characters and gave depth to those that needed it. Claire and Nathan found themselves in a very odd place. Nathan took her to the land of the runaways... Mexico. There they are safe ... Read More

Heroes – S03E20 – Cold Snap Review

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This episode was very enlightening. We finally found out who rebel is. Angela was in one hell of a predicament. Hiro and Ando went on another adventure and the best part was that Claire wasn't featured in this episode. This was the best Heroes this season. Hiro and Ando had a lot of fun with baby Matt Parkman. We find out that the baby has a power. He can turn things on and off. It's a quite amusing power that can annoy many ... Read More

Heroes – S02E11 – Powerless Review

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In this season finale a lot went down and none of it mattered with the exception of two things but let’s start from the beginning. It opens with Hiro trying to stop Peter but to no prevail. Peter ended taking him out and keeping Adam safe. Nathan and Matt Parkman arrived and it seemed like Nathan had some issues with his back. Matt is a big boy and I think it would have been wise to take a plane instead of him ... Read More

Heroes – S03E19 – Shades of Gray Review

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This episode was one of the best this season. It left us with another cliffhanger that will have us wondering what will happen in the next two weeks. We finally learned The Hunter's real name and we got to see Tracy again. Claire was useful once again and for the first time in a long time, no Peter! Things are looking up for Heroes. It begins with Doyle in Claire's kitchen eating popcorn. Claire is surprised to hear that Doyle was told by the ... Read More

Heroes – S02E10 – Truth and Consequences Review

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This episode gears us up for the season finale. Adam and Peter are out to find the virus. Their only lead is to Victoria Pratt, played by Joanna Cassidy. They find her but Adam refuses to go up to the door for obvious reasons. He enlists Peter to do it. Peter, like the true follower that he is, does so without protest. They have a few words and before you know it she gives up the goods. I thought that was too ... Read More