Is Food Network Trying to Kill Good Eats?

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With Food Network gearing its network more and more for competitive cooking shows, it doesn't surprise me that they're running out of room for some shows. We've seen a few cancelled, but when I saw the horrible timeslot they're giving Good Eats, I was shocked. For Good Eats to be relegated to an 11:30pm EST timeslot, it left me with one conclusion: they're trying to kill it. Plain as day. Watching Alton Brown has been a real treat over the ... Read More

Good Eats – S07E02 – Q Review

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I've not yet tried to make Barbecue, but AB always seems to make things seem easier, and I'm certainly going to consider giving it a try. Whether the origin of the word, "Barbecue", or making a proper Barbecue-making device, AB explains it all. Why spend several hundred dollars or even a couple thousand on an expensive grill or smoker, when you can make a decent one for less than $50. You don't even need to call MacGyver to build it for you. I ... Read More