Interesting Fringe Season 4 Teasers

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FOX recently released a preview clip for the new season of the hit sci-fi series Fringe. Like a lot of you, I can't help but wonder what's really going on in this show. It's one of the more thought-provoking shows on television. So where's Peter Bishop? It's hard to say. As you can expect, we're likely not going to see much of Peter, who is played by Joshua Jackson. Speaking of Joshua Jackson, here's an interview IGN did with him ... Read More

Fringe Producers Talk About Season 3’s Aftermath

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Fringe's executive producers J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner recently talked about the aftermath following the incredible season three finale, "The Day We Died". I highly recommend watching this clip. It's got me all the more excited for season four! Read More

Interesting Fringe Season 4 Spoilers

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After season three's shocking conclusion, everyone's curious what's going to happen in season four from Fringe. While information is obviously quite limited, I do know that Joshua Jackson will be back to play Peter Bishop. What Peter does and where he is still not known. The writers took quite an unusual step in the way the season ended and made Peter vanish from existence, making his character's role a little unsure. As for the room inside the Statue of Liberty, ... Read More

Fringe – S03E22 – The Day We Died Review

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UPDATE: After a day to reconsider this Fringe season finale, I went back and edited the review fairly extensively. The initial airing of the episode had me in such a state of shock and confusion that I should have waited a full day to mull it over in the first place. Here's my revised review. Holy smokes, what a bizarre way to end the season. Although the producers said they wrote this episode with the intention of seeing a fourth ... Read More

Fringe – S03E21 – The Last Sam Weiss Review

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I came into "The Last Sam Weiss" under the same impression that I think a lot of other Fringe fans had: there's something truly special or even magical about Sam Weiss (Kevin Corrigan). As it turns out, he's as normal as you and I, leaving me in disbelief and disappointment. It felt like the writers took us on a long trip and lied the whole way, making Sam look a lot more special than he turned out to be. I was ... Read More

Fringe – S03E20 – 6:02 AM EST Review

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It's nice to have Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) back in her own body and William Bell gone. With the war of the worlds coming to a head, Fringe did the right thing and featured both universes quite prominently this week. The decision by Walternate (John Noble) to activate the machine from his universe will definitely have an impact on both universes. Ultimately it came down to him giving up Peter (Joshua Jackson) in order to save his own people, ... Read More

Fringe – S03E19 – Lysergic Acid Diethylamide Review

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It's impossible to avoid at least one pun when talking about this, a very trippy episode of Fringe. "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide" or "LSD" was a lot of fun to watch but it masked the larger fact that not a whole lot happened. Watching Anna Torv try to imitate the voice of Leonard Nimoy wasn't always the easiest thing to do. Attempting to replicate someone else's voice is very difficult, especially when it's a woman trying to do a very deep, gravely ... Read More

Fringe – S03E18 – Bloodline Review

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Generally speaking, I like how Fringe goes from universe to universe, progressing the story at a consistent rate. I think the writers are doing a good job of determining how long to stay on one location before switching to the other. I rarely feel we're not seeing enough of one location. That being said, I found it mildly refreshing to go over to the alternative universe. I really prefer "our" universe, but the change is needed now and again, especially ... Read More

Fringe – S03E17 – Stowaway Review

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Fringe wasted no time by picking up right after the surprising turn of events in "Os" which had William Bell possessing the body belonging to Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv). "Bellvia" immediately underwent some tests and explained to the group that he doesn't intend to use Olivia's body for long. Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson), not surprisingly, was the most adamant person about seeing Bell get out of his sweetheart's body. When you think of it, who would want a man soul in ... Read More

Fringe – S03E16 – Os Review

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Being a fan of Fringe can be frustrating at times due to the inconsistent schedule Fox draws up. Fringe rarely seems to air more than two or three weeks in a row before it's interrupted by multiple weeks off. Thankfully, the quality of the episodes has nothing to do with the Fox programmers. "Os" was one wild ride! Anytime you see a man float away like a helium-filled balloon, you know you're in for a ride on the show. ... Read More