Inspiration for Friday Night Lights’ character dies

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A depressing piece of news came out recently. I've only seen the pilot for Friday Night Lights series on NBC, but it's a very moving episode. It features a player suffering a terrible injury, a broken neck. It left him in a wheelchair. Well, that character was based on an actual person. I knew that part, but it seems he, David Edwards, has died this past week. Just twenty years old, Edwards was stricken with pneumonia and died ... Read More

Friday Night Lights – S01E01 – Pilot Review

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I'm always told by friends and colleagues that I should check out some show that I don't normally watch. Dexter was one of those and I love it. Another is Friday Night Lights. I'm really not interested in shows that focus on characters in high school and college. They seem to be all about sex, drinking, and drugs. The pilot episode of Friday Night Lights had a fair amount of drinking in it along with some sexual ... Read More