Fear Itself – S01E05 – Eater Review

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"Eater" followed in the footsteps of all of each of its predecessors by insuring me that this series will never get off the ground. Each episode has relied on a last minute twist to surprise viewers at home. One was present here, but it didn't surprise me. To recap, this week's episode took us to a police station with a half-dozen officers. Three of them would be out on patrol, while the other three would be holding down the fort, ... Read More

Fear Itself – S01E04 – In Sickness and in Health Review

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"In Sickness and in Health" is the one episode I've been waiting to see in the Fear Itself anthology series. The reason for this is PSYCH's James Roday and Maggie Lawson star in the episode. Regardless of the season, PSYCH is always in my top five shows on television. It's a very well-written show. I was hoping for some of that great writing would come into play here, thinking that maybe Roday would have a hand in the script like ... Read More

Fear Itself – S01E03 – Family Man Review

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"Family Man" brought up mixed emotions for me. I was happy to see Colin Ferguson in something a little out of the ordinary, but the plot of the show reminded me of something I've already seen: Face/Off. Sure, there are some obvious differences between the two, but when you get down to the basics, you have a criminal and good guy changing bodies for the most part. Colin Ferguson and Clifton Collins, Jr. Here, Ferguson, played the all-around good American husband and ... Read More

Fear Itself – S01E02 – Spooked Review

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One of the few new shows I have been looking forward to seeing is Fear Itself, NBC's new horror anthology. I knew coming into it that it wouldn't likely be anything too wild or particularly great quality stuff. There's only so far you can go on network television and then there's the fact that the horror genre's had nearly every story imaginable in some form or another, so no one will be breaking new ground here. The series premiere was good, ... Read More

PSYCH’s James Roday and Maggie Lawson Star in Fear Itself

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Although the USA Network series PSYCH is in production, two of its stars found the time to film an episode of the new NBC horror/thriller anthology series Fear Itself recently. Actor James Roday and actress Maggie Lawson will be starring in this Thursday's episode entitled "In Sickness and In Health." The two actors are dating one another in real life, which makes it all the more fitting for the two to star as a couple who are about to get married when ... Read More

What We’re Watching This Summer

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Fall television has come and gone, leaving us with a cornucopia of terrible reality shows and just a handful of TV shows worth watching. I asked our writers to let me know what they will be watching this summer. We would love your picks as well. You can leave a comment in the box below. James Chamberlin I was really shocked when USA canceled both The Dead Zone and The 4400. Although The Dead Zone had seen better days and ... Read More

Fear Itself – S01E01 – The Sacrifice Review

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The horror genre has really hit a low when it comes to movies. Fear Itself seems to pride itself on bringing horror to the small screen. It's hard enough trying to scare someone within an hour and a half and most movies fail at that. Fear Itself doesn't do anything to change the horror genre in any way, and in fact, this episode sets the horror genre back a bit. This week's story focused on criminals who find themselves stranded in the ... Read More