Family Guy – S07E06 – Tales of a Third Grade Nothing Review

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Being a relative newcomer, I find that one of my favorite things about Family Guy is the various movie references in each and every episode. It's hard to avoid noticing them. Back to the Future has been a recent favorite, with Jurassic Park getting a nice mention this week. The very notion of someone not getting promoted due to their not successfully completing a grade school course is rather far-fetched, so it's hard to take much of the plot in this ... Read More

Family Guy – S07E05 – The Man With Two Brians Review

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"The man with Two Brians" was not only a funny episode, but it showcased one of the more disturbing scenes I've seen in some time. The episode started with a nod to Jackass as Peter and his friends began immitating some of the crazy stunts performed on the series. Peter's stunts went a little far, putting his health in jeopardy. Brian tried to save him, but needed saving himself. Peter, what's up with your neck? From this point on, it was ... Read More

Family Guy – S07E04 – Baby Not On Board Review

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It is well known that Family Guy includes a large number of references to television shows, music, and movies, but the references aren't always ones I particularly like. This was different this week with the many references to Lost, Back to the Future, and Home Alone. With Back to the Future being one of my all-time favorite films, I really enjoyed seeing Peter riding through town on the skateboard just like Michael J. Fox. The week's episode dealt with Peter winning ... Read More

Family Guy – S07E03 – Road to Germany Review

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This past week's Family Guy outing was one of the best show's I've ever seen, regardless of what series. I really enjoyed this beautifully-animated comedy, which in this case, centered around Mort, Stewie, and Brian as they time-travel to World War II-era Poland. With the family gathered around the television for the Oscar ceremony, Mort goes upstairs to use the bathroom, but he finds it occupied by Meg. Sometimes, I can't believe what goes on on this show, and the moment ... Read More

Family Guy – S07E02 – I Dream of Jesus Review

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I may not have grown up during the 1950s, but I thoroughly enjoy the music from that time, so the opening scene in the old fifties diner was something I really enjoyed. I love the decor in the retro diners, along with the classic music played on the old jukeboxes. When Peter Griffin heard The Trashmen's hit song "Surfin' Bird" play, he immediately got up and began singing and dancing to the song. Sure, it's a very repetitive song, but let's ... Read More

Family Guy – S07E01 – Love Blacktually Review

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I've never been a huge fan of Family Guy, one of Fox's most popular animated programs. It's a little over the top at times for my taste. That being said, the writers can make the show very, very funny sometimes. The seventh season premiere focused on Brian and his failed relationships. After being setup by Lois, Brian met an ultra-conservative woman. I kind of felt bad for Brian after watching that scene. But he eventually found a woman ... Read More

Family Guy DVDs on Sale

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Amazon has quite a few DVDs on sale right now, but something that caught my eye is all of the Family Guy DVDs are on sale for today only. The enormous box set, "Family Guy - Freakin' Party Pack" is 60% off today! This pack includes: Season One (Volume 1) Season Two (Volume 1) Season Three (Volume 2) Season Four Part 1 (Volume 3) Season Four Part 2 (Volume 4) Season Five Part 1 (Volume 5) Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story Bonus Disc, which includes deleted scenes, an inside ... Read More

Family Guy Spinoff (The Cleveland Show) Preview

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A few months ago, it was announced that Fox had picked up Seth MacFarlane's latest animation idea, The Cleveland Show. Some fans have voiced some concerns because Cleveland won't be on Family Guy anymore, and then there's the fact that MacFarlane's previous show concept, American Dad, hasn't turned out to be nearly as good as Family Guy. I'm trying to avoid getting too involved in the speculation as to whether or not the show will be a success, but judging by the ... Read More