Eureka Season 3 Premieres Tonight

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You won't often find a whole lot of buzz surrounding this little Sci-Fi Channel hit. Eureka is often overshadowed by both Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica, yet it manages to hold its own in the ratings department. It's a very different show compared to those two, relying more on comedy than the heavy drama often depicted in say Battlestar Galactica. Anchored by Colin Ferguson, Eureka is a decidedly light-hearted science fiction series which we definitely recommend newcomers checking out. Ferguson ... Read More

Eureka – S01E01 – Pilot Review

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I remember the series premier quite well. Sci-Fi Channel advertised the show just about everywhere. Although I only watch one other Sci-Fi Channel show regularly, Ghost Hunters, I remember seeing hundreds of commercials promoting it. It looked very intriguing, but for whatever reason, I never watched it regularly. Fortunately, the DVDs are out and I can catch up. The pilot episode introduces us to Jack Carter, a U.S. Marshall traveling across the country with a prisoner in his backseat. ... Read More