Discovery Gets it Right With the Nitty Gritty

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Over the last year or so, the Discovery network (Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, etc) has introduced a new way or repurposing old episodes. In addition to the traditional airing of repeat episodes, the network has taken up the practice of re-airing the same old episodes with small notes popping up on the lower third of the screen, like the old VH-1 series, Pop-Up Video. To date the network hasn't made these notes all that interesting. They're random nuggets of information ... Read More

Shark Week 2008 Schedule

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From Adam and Jamie to hammerhead and whale sharks, the biggest stars of both land and sea get VIP treatment on Discovery Channel this summer, as Shark Week returns for its 21st year beginning July 27. The MythBusters, Survivorman’s Les Stroud and Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe join noted shark researchers to lend their unique brand of expertise to this highly anticipated annual event, taking viewers from the Bahamas to South Africa, and from Australia to the Arctic to spotlight the diversity of ... Read More

What We’re Watching This Summer

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Fall television has come and gone, leaving us with a cornucopia of terrible reality shows and just a handful of TV shows worth watching. I asked our writers to let me know what they will be watching this summer. We would love your picks as well. You can leave a comment in the box below. James Chamberlin I was really shocked when USA canceled both The Dead Zone and The 4400. Although The Dead Zone had seen better days and ... Read More

Dirty Jobs – S04E01 – Big Animal Vet Review

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I missed the original airing of the season premiere, but had a chance recently to catch "Big Animal Vet" and got to see Mike Rowe in his usual form, performing dirty jobs and cracking jokes along the way. Mike's first job took him to a BBQ joint in the state of Georgia. The smoker was a week past due for a thorough cleaning, which meant Mike would have an even bigger mess to clean up. I've seen a number of ovens ... Read More