Deadliest Catch – S07E01 – New Blood Recap and Review

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As a longtime fan of Deadliest Catch, I've eagerly anticipated the show's return, especially after an emotional rollercoaster that was season six. The passing of Captain Phil Harris was tough. Despite never meeting the man, you certainly felt like you knew him. It's admittedly strange to think you know someone simply by watching them on television, but it's true. The spreading of his ashes at the start of the episode was emotional. I teared up momentarily. Captain Phil's loss meant ... Read More

Deadliest Catch Format Suggestion For Season 8

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Tuesday night was Deadliest Catch night on Discovery Channel. I've been a regular watcher of this show right from the beginning. I've seen crews come and go as the roster of boats always changes year to year. I've even see guys get seriously hurt and mourned the loss of Captain Phil Harris, by far one of the most colorful characters I've ever seen on television. Discovery elected to go with a two-hour season premiere airing and I was psyched for ... Read More