Is Charlie Jade Still Airing?

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We were a little skeptical about choosing to review the science fiction series Charlie Jade, which is currently "airing" on SciFi. Our ability to review future episodes has become a little more difficult. As it turns out, SciFi has changed the time in which it airs. No longer airing at 8pm ET/PT, Charlie Jade is now airing at 3am. Jeffrey Pierce as Charlie Jade is looking any sight of his show We have a question for SciFi: Why?! Why move ... Read More

Charlie Jade – S01E02 – Sand Review

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Charlie wakes up in the desert where we last saw him after the explosion. The first few moments seem sort of confusing as the scenes flip back and forth between our hero and Reena, the woman who was about to shoot Charlie before all hell broke loose. If you follow things carefully, which you have to in this show; the jerky camera movements and quick scene breaks can be difficult to track, you'll realize that both Charlie and Reena have ended up ... Read More

Charlie Jade – S01E01 – The Big Bang Review

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Bladerunner meets Flash Gordon in this latest Sci-Fi channel offering. Charlie Jade is a private investigator living in a corporation-controlled alternate universe known as the Alphaverse where things aren't as peaceful and well-ordered as the general populace is led to believe. Crime is rampant and a real threat to the average citizen who is just trying to get by. Enter our sympathetic gumshoe, the muscle-car-driving, hard-narrative-giving Charlie Jade. He's only trying to help, and wants nothing to do with the sinister Vex-Cor--the ... Read More