Big Brother 10 Cast Revealed

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I've been a viewer of the Big Brother series from the very first episode. I don't know what is so appealing, but over the years, I've become less and less interested in the series. I think a lot of it has to do with the casting. The executive producer, Allison Grodner, seems to follow a template for casting the show. Let's see, we need 13 people for the house. Two over the age of thirty and throw ... Read More

Big Brother – S08E07 Review

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We left off with Daniele taking herself off the block with the power of veto she had won a few hours earlier. As with every Thursday episode, this was all about the live eviction. Ever since Joe and Dustin entered the house, there has been a lot of "negative energy" in the house. Joe has cheated on Dustin with another man and has made every attempt to ruin Dustin's name in Chicago. In addition to that, Joe has alleged he ... Read More

Big Brother – S08E06 Review

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Despite Jen being in power for nearly a week, she hasn't won any respect of appreciation from the other house guests. Everyone still finds her conceited and generally annoying. Having nothing to lose, Dick continued his campaign to make Jen's stay in the house miserable. Jen was a little annoyed, but it frankly didn't bother her very much, which I find a little peculiar. The "romance" between Nick and Daniele continued to be shown. It's not really a "romance," ... Read More

Big Brother – S08E05 Review

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Now that a new head of household was named, in Jen, it's naturally time to nominate someone. Although Jen isn't particularly liked by everyone, very few individuals have clashed with her. The one who sticks out like a sore thumb would easily be Evil Dick. He and Jen just don't get along; Dick thinks she's extremely conceited and self-absorbed, and I'm not one to argue with him on this. Evil Dick was pushed to his limits when he was asleep ... Read More

Big Brother – S08E04 Review

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With the first week over in the Big Brother house, it was time for evictions. Carol and Amber were nominated by Kail and Daniele decided to leave the nominations alone when she won the power of veto. So how did things shake out? This, the first live eviction episode of the season, gave us some insight into the problems between Evil Dick and Daniele. Were we able to see brief interviews with Dick's mother and Dick's son. It turns ... Read More

Big Brother – S08E03 Review

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With Amber and Carol nominated for eviction, time had come for the power of veto competition. The winner of the veto competition was Daniele, and she therefore had the ability to either leave Kail's nominations as they are, or she could take one of them off of the block. For a while, it appeared that Daniele may use the veto and take someone off and have Kail nominated Jen. It seems Jen is getting on everyone's last nerve this ... Read More

Big Brother – S08E02 Review

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Episode two of this year's edition of Big Brother includes both a food competition and the eviction nominations. Before these events took place, the photo gallery was revealed to the house guests. The gallery is the wall of photos of each guest which is shown in nearly episode of the season, especially when it comes time for the head of household (HOH) to nominate someone. Most people liked their photo (Joe loved his), but Jen hated hers. She ... Read More

Big Brother – S08E01 – BB8 Season Premiere Review

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This year's edition of Big Brother has a few new twists. One of the twists is six of the contestants are either enemies or have unfinished business. One example is an estranged father/daughter. CBS is obviously hoping this could cause additional conflict, and it will likely do that. However, I wouldn't be surprised to see one group, possibly the father/daughter couple, to team up and be friendly when they're away from the house guests and bitter enemies when ... Read More

Big Brother – S06E01 – BB6 Season Premiere

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Big Brother - S06E01 - BB6 Season Premiere Original Air Date: July 07, 2005 Originally Published: July 08, 2005 Rating: 6.5 I realize television has gotten more and more about ratings, which drive the amount they'll charge for advertising, but Big Brother 6 is all about the ratings. Each year, there are a couple people over 40. This year, not a single one. You can also look at the physical appearance of the 14 men and women. All of the women are very attractive, and will ... Read More