American Dad – S04E06 – Pulling Double Booty Review

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Having entirely overlooked the Smith family last week, American Dad return with a "normal" episode which featured stories for each of the characters. Hailey was the center of attention, however, when she was dumped by her boyfriend in the mall. This resulted in Hailey going on a rampage, destroying everything in sight. She seems to react this way when all of her relationships end in such a manner. Francine and Stan are in luck when Hailey ends up dating Stan's ... Read More

American Dad – S04E05 – Escape from Pearl Bailey Review

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Steve's girlfriend Debbie was put into an awkward position this week when she ran for student council president. She was up against the head cheerleader, Lisa. When Lisa and her group of friends allegedly slander Debbie on a website, Steve goes nuts. It felt like a few movies were referenced in this series of scenes, though none of their names really come to mind at the moment. Steve was quite surprised to learn that his own friends were the ones ... Read More

American Dad – S04E04 – Choosy Wives Choose Smith Review

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Much of this week's American Dad was surprisingly predictable. Stan's insecurity nearly cost him his relationship with Francine when he learned that Stan wasn't her first choice. It's sad to think that Stan would actually track down Francine's first choice to see what she missed out on and the guy seemed terrific, making Stan think that Francine settled when she chose him. Things got a little predictable when Stan tested Francine's love by leaving with Roger for a period to see ... Read More

American Dad – S04E03 – One Little Word Review

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Sometimes it's tough to keep up with all of the shows and Sunday animation usually doesn't get all of my devotion until the end of the week depending on how my week goes. Still getting accustomed to American Dad, I found this to be a rather weak episode, though it had its moments. Much of this episode was about the one word men tend to have a difficulty saying: no. In this case, Stan couldn't refuse any favor asked by his ... Read More

American Dad – S01E02 – Threat Levels Review

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One of the things I like about American Dad is the obvious political overtones featured in some of the scenes with Stan. Stan's clearly a diehard Republican so viewers will find that Stan's views on various things tend to be conservative. The two gay news anchors were fun to watch sometimes. Stan's only problem with them was that they're newsmen and therefore must be liberals. Even when liberal vs conservative politics weren't being brought up, there were still occasional politically ... Read More

American Dad – S01E01 – Pilot Review

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I only recently began reviewing Fox's American Dad, so since I'm new, I decided to go back to the early seasons and begin reviewing those. It'll catch me up on what's gone on within the Smith family. I thought the pilot did a very good job of informing viewers of the origins of Roger the alien and Klaus the goldfish. Roger was smuggled home from Area 51, while Klaus had his brain exchanged with that of a German skier. I ... Read More

American Dad – S04E02 – The One That Got Away Review

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After a solid season premiere last week, my expectations were high with the premiere of "The One That Got Away." Sadly this episode of American Dad wasn't nearly as good as "1600 Candles." After a night of drinking, Roger came home to a Smith family intervention. They were all upset about his behavior of late. He had apparently been drinking more, has been stealing clothes, and has been an all-around jerk to the Smiths. As I mentioned last week, ... Read More

American Dad – S04E01 – 1600 Candles Review

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American Dad is one of many other shows that I don't usually watch but I intend to review at some point. I've never seen more than a few minutes of this series before, so I don't know a whole lot about the series. The season premiere started with Roger spying on the family from the set of stairs in their home, hoping to get some clues as to whether or not they were working on his birthday party, his 1600th birthday, actually. ... Read More

Family Guy Spinoff (The Cleveland Show) Preview

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A few months ago, it was announced that Fox had picked up Seth MacFarlane's latest animation idea, The Cleveland Show. Some fans have voiced some concerns because Cleveland won't be on Family Guy anymore, and then there's the fact that MacFarlane's previous show concept, American Dad, hasn't turned out to be nearly as good as Family Guy. I'm trying to avoid getting too involved in the speculation as to whether or not the show will be a success, but judging by the ... Read More