American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior – S02E08 – The Settlement Review

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One of the biggest dramas on American Chopper has come to an end… I hope. The 20% share of Orange County Choppers that Paul Teutul, Jr. owned was sold to his old man, clearing Jr. of any responsibilities for OCC. I can’t blame Jr. for wanting to sell the remaining shares. The shares weren’t benefiting him. He has had nothing to do with the company in quite some time, but he was still liable for problems there. ... Read More

American Chopper: Who Are They Kidding?

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I've only mentioned American Chopper one other time on this blog and it had to do with the turmoil in the family. Tonight's entry is strictly to do with the special Discovery aired tonight called "A Crew Divided." I stopped watching after about fifteen minutes because of the ridiculousness. I'm glad they actually acknowledged the show is produced... and I don't mean that in a good way. American Chopper hasn't felt naturally put together in a long time. Early on in ... Read More

American Chopper: What Happened to OCC?

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One of my guilty pleasures for a long time was American Chopper. The reality series focused on the Teutul family and their motorcycle business was a favorite for a long time... until Discovery decided to move the show to TLC and my viewership dropped significantly. Honestly at the time there wasn't anything else on TLC, so why watch it there? Discovery had all the shows I liked at the time. The move to TLC was in 2007 or 2008 and ... Read More