Welcome to TV-Reviewed’s list of frequently asked questions. Here, we hope to clear up some things that some of our readers have questions about.

Q: Why aren’t you reviewing [insert series title here]?
A: We only have so many writers to cover shows. If we hear from more of you, we’ll try and get someone to review a particular show.

Q: Why are some of the content tags larger than others?
A: Instead of traditional “categories,” we use tags to tag/mark an article. The larger the show’s name is, the more coverage that show has received by our writers.

Q: Why do you review shows that aren’t on the air anymore?
A: Although we primarily review shows which are still in production, we all enjoy shows which have come and gone. Everybody has a handful of shows which have been off the air for a while that they love. So we will cover those on occasion.

Should you ever have any questions, feel free to email us at editor@tv-reviewed.com