“Starting Again” was an unusual episode in the sense that it shows how one person’s emotional state can affect their life. The homeowner, Manuel, couldn’t sleep in his bed after he lost his wife. It was so bad that he eventually abandoned the bedroom he and his wife shared, moving into the room their son used to live when he was a boy.

It’s amazing how much of an impact one person can have on another. Manuel, however, thankfully knew something had to change. The house had begun to deteriorate. The bedroom he abandoned was an addition someone did years ago. It was built improperly, of course. There was no foundation. It began to sink, leaving Mike Holmes and his crew just one option: tear it down.

The idea of what to build in its place was an interesting. I was surprised when they opted for a solarium. I don’t recall Mike ever building one on the show before. I would have thought a new bedroom would have been nice. I think it’s a smart idea to have an extra bedroom on-hand in case you a friend of family member who needs to sleep over for whatever reason.


That being said, I don’t think a solarium was a bad idea. In fact, I would say the end result was terrific. The photo wall Sherry made was awesome. Very touching.

The biggest surprise was Manuel’s son, Ben, offering to help Mike with the renovation of the house. I presume he couldn’t help every day because of his job and family commitments, but they showed Ben helping out mainly in the renovation of the bathroom. The bathroom wasn’t as bad as the bedroom, but it definitely could have used a bit of work.

I’d say my favorite part of this episode was actually the landscaping work. I loved all the stone work. The fencing, though, really caught my eye. Another amazing job, but the price was a little much. $110,000. Holy smokes. Sometimes you wonder what every item cost. I think they could have saved a few bucks along the way.

Rating: 7.5

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