In my review of last Friday’s episode, I was pretty up-front when it came to Todd and Jack Hoffman’s decision to leave Guyana to spend time with their family. I have no regrets about it. I still can’t believe they would bail on the team this early in the season. Everyone there is missing their family. They haven’t just up and decided to take off, have they?

As is the case with the Hoffman crew, things went from bad to really bad. They didn’t have the trommel up and running more than ten minutes before they ran into problems. In the middle of a rain forest, only the Hoffmans will run out of water.

I still haven’t figured out what Mitch was doing with his excavator to get it absolutely buried in the mud. I shook my head every time they showed the crippled machine. Unbelievable. What the hell was he doing?!

It took the crew four hours to get that problem fixed, leaving very little time to actually run any dirt. I’m glad they did run dirt, but I wonder how well the trommel will be able to handle all of that sand in the soil. It’s depressing as hell to watch this team constantly see setback after setback.


Speaking of equipment, Parker had his share of issues. He had a nice clean-out, but it is clear that Little Blue isn’t the best machine for the job. A change-out of the riffles proved necessary. Hydraulic riffles magically fixed the problem they were having. Gold was being washed out because of the excess of garnets. The old riffles weren’t able to cope with all the garnets. The garnets would pack the riffles, sending the gold out. It’s a shame the garnets are practically worthless.

I was honestly shocked by how much of a difference the hydraulic riffles made. Parker more than doubled the amount of gold they recovered over last episode. Thirty six ounces of gold is a nice haul. It makes me wonder how much more paydirt they ran this time. I don’t recall them mentioning it this time.

As for Porcupine Creek, Dustin and Fred were back at it again, arguing about what to do next. Fred didn’t leave Dustin in charge for very long, did he? LOL. I didn’t disagree with the idea of digging further in the pit. I just don’t know how deep they can dig safely.

The other concern I have is the water. Why is it they can’t pump out all of the water? Can’t they get a second pump to get the last few inches out of there? I don’t think we’ve seen the bottom of that pit dry in two or three years. If they can actually see what they’re digging, they might be able to see if it’s worth pursuing.

I’m a little excited about the prospect of Fred and Dustin hitting bedrock. I just wish I knew what they are going to do next? How much deeper can you really dig? Do you make the bottom of the hole wider, away from the creek?

I have to say that the Porcupine Creek claim is the one that most interests me this year. Parker’s having challenges as a leader in Alaska. Guyana seems like a total clusterfuck for the Hoffmans. I’ve got my eyes squarely on Fred and Dustin. I wish them well. It is, after all, where Gold Rush started. Good old Porcupine Creek. Bring on the gold!

Rating: 7

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