Sweet, a Shelby. Aaron may not be a fan of Mustangs, but I love the look of these old cars. The 1968 looked great. What made this particular one cool was it was one of the old Rent-A-Racers from Hertz. Imagine renting a race car for a day. It’s no wonder the motor in this car was toast!

Rust wasn’t the problem with this car. That doesn’t mean the body was perfect, however. Despite the previous owners doing a lot of work on it, there were problem spots. KC learned someone used Bondo to fill in some damaged areas, a serious no-no. It doesn’t take that much time to properly replace the metal.


The car seemed to be a pretty straight forward restoration until it came time to do the engine. They had it rebuilt, but as they showed at the end of the episode, it has problems. We’ll have to wait until next week before we see what exactly was causing the metal bits to show up in the oil.

Seeing Tom and Jordan flip out over those two junkers the Germans brought in was hilarious. I was just a little surprised when Richard told them they couldn’t keep them because they bought them on Gas Monkey property. They belonged to him. I understand the theory, but I suspect Richard may have let them keep them if he couldn’t turn a profit on them. I guess it’s a good thing Tom and Jordan didn’t have much cash on them at the time. $100 a car was damn cheap.

I’m still at a bit of a loss as it pertains to the deal Richard made on the Lotus Cortina and Amphibicar. The Lotus may be worth something, but I am not sure. I wouldn’t pay much for it. Same goes for the Amphibicar. I’ve seen them before. It’s not a good car or boat. Combining the two seems to make for more of a novelty item. If Richard can find the right buyer, he may be able to do okay with it.

The drama with the Shelby engine was exciting. Every now and then Gas Monkey runs into a project from hell. I don’t expect this will be as difficult as the Ferrari build. However, when you have metal in your oil, you’ve got a problem on your hands.

Rating: 8

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