Greetings, Gold Rush fans! Some episode, wasn’t it? We’re finally seeing mining this season. It’s about damn time if you ask me!

Let’s start off at good ol Porcupine Creek. Dustin and Fred’s drilling adventures didn’t initially look like they were going to pay off, but in the end, they may have. It turns out at 24 feet, they were getting very close to bedrock. According to the gents, the blonde sandy material that began shooting up the hole is an indication that they’re right about where they need to be. The problem is digging deeper.

I get more and more nervous every time I see someone from Porcupine Creek digging in that pit. Rocks are constantly falling in. A partial collapse of that wall just seems imminent.

Meanwhile up in the Yukon, Parker Schnabel and the gang have Little Blue up and running. They’re washing rocks and are doing a find job of it until Tony Beets came in and told Parker he wasn’t running nearly enough material.

Tony Beets and Parker Shnabel

It didn’t take long for Parker to immediately get on Greg Remsburg’s case about the speed in which he’s feeding Little Blue. Although I understood where Parker was coming from, there’s only so much Greg can do. Little Blue isn’t exactly the best piece of equipment in the world for washing rocks. It has its limitations. The hopper is tiny. There are no grizzly bars. It’s a pretty basic machine quite honestly.

I was glad Greg didn’t lose his emotions and storm off. Parker’s ego has gotten as big as his job title. He’s in charge and he’s not afraid to let people know it. He’s not as much fun to watch as he used to be.

The addition of the huge hopper feeder system seemed like a brilliant move. I’m sure it was an expensive Parker would have liked to have not dealt with. If he’s going to have a good season, he’s going to not just make his crew happy, but he’s got Tony Beets to satisfy. After all, it is Tony’s land that Parker is on. This isn’t like mining on grandpa’s property anymore.

Now we find ourselves in the Guyana jungle with Todd Hoffman and his not so merry band of misfits. I can’t wait until they start mining. The number of setbacks continues to climb. Roads are still a thorn in the side of this group. They can’t get equipment moved and set in place.

While the guys were screwing around with the roads all episode long, I kept wondering what they are going to mine. Although you do need the water pump and trommel in place, you don’t need that stuff to start digging and accumulating pay dirt. Why isn’t anyone using an excavator to dig pay dirt?

It took the guys the entire episode to come up with a temporary solution for the road. Yes, I’m betting right now that the next major rain will wash that road out again. It’s just the way things seem to go with this crew.

Just as things are looking up, Todd and Jack Hoffman announce they’re leaving the jungle and are headed home to visit their family. I wish you had a camera trained on my face when this segment aired tonight. I couldn’t believe it.

Why are Todd and Jack returning home? Is someone sick? Nope. They just miss their family. You’ve got to be frickin’ kidding me! You miss your family so you bail on the team? Every guy down there would love to be home with their family. It’s apparently good to be the boss. You can leave whenever you miss your family.

This reminds of me of one of Toff Hoffman’s tweets. A couple of episodes back, when the guys were really frustrated with the way things were going in camp and it looked like they might want to leave, Todd Hoffman tweeted this:


It looks like Todd’s turning into a candy ass himself.

I enjoyed the episode a lot. We’re finally mining gold, folks! Well some of them are. Todd and Jack are packing their suitcases because they’re homesick. Give me a frickin’ break.

Maybe the Hoffman miners are better off actually without the Hoffmans. Between Freddy Dodge and Dave Turin, they’re generally more resourceful than Todd and Jack.

Rating: 9

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