This week on Holmes Makes It Right, Mike Holmes and his crew give a hand to a woman who has been through a lot lately. She suffered an aneurysm, followed by two strokes. Good grief! She’s damn lucky to have survived those. They can all be lethal.

This episode stood out as different because Mike wasn’t in constant communication with the home owner the entire episode. Instead it was the woman’s adult daughter. She took it upon herself to make sure she could get the home in order so that they could rent it out and cover the many, many medical bills the family was facing.

Mike Holmes - Building Hope

As for the house, the homeowner had wanted a modern design and had hired someone to do that for her. The design had its flaws. There were no attempts to include closets and storage areas. There was also a funky reveal with the baseboards. Even after Damon did what the homeowner wanted, I have to admit that I didn’t like it. Dust and dirt will collect there. Why give it an opportunity?

I really like a lot of the design elements to the house. It was totally different from what you would call a traditional house. The chain downspout was a brilliant idea. I just wonder how it’s going to look when it gets rusty. Don’t tell me it won’t rust because it’s galvanized or something. It will get rusty eventually.

Mike Holmes - Building Hope

The best part of the episode was the end with the daughter going through the house. She was surprisingly emotional about everything. She wasn’t just impressed by what the crew had done to get the house in tip-top shape. She appeared to be overcome because they not only stuck with her mom’s wishes but that her mom’s design ideas were actually really good. The purple accent wall, in particular, got her choked up. I really enjoyed the reveal this time around. I just wish the homeowner would have been healthy enough to have been there herself.

Rating: 9

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