I’m sure Gold Rush fans were looking forward to tonight’s new episode. Discovery has promoted the heck out of it. It didn’t take long for the Discovery PR team to show conflict between Greg Remsburg and Parker Schnabel.

Greg has only been on the job a matter of days and he’s screwed something up. I’ll be the first to admit that in the promos for this episode, I was annoyed by how Parker came across. He really sounded like a kid who is in charge and wants to let everyone know about it.

I came away with a slightly less extreme opinion of Parker after actually seeing the episode Discovery promoted. Parker had every right to be upset at Greg who foolishly just dumped out the dirt from Todd Hoffman’s old wash plant.

I suspect Greg probably thought that “Old Blue” was so efficient that there was no way there would be gold-bearing dirt left in it. He was wrong. Parker panned some of it and there were quite a few specs of gold. How much gold is entirely up to debate. I am absolutely terrible at judging a pan’s value.

Parker Schnabel
Parker Schnabel

The one week deadline Parker set to get “Old Blue” up and running didn’t seem that extreme to me. I just wish the producers had shown more about what sort of work was needed to get it running. The only thing Gold Rush showed was them moving it into position.

Meanwhile at Porcupine Creek, Dustin and Fred were at it once again as to how to approach their glory hole. I actually thought they were at bedrock already and that there was no point in digging deeper. Dustin ended up getting a drilling rig in there to see if bedrock was within twenty feet of where they were.

As much as I respect Dustin’s interest in getting down deeper, I just don’t feel it’s worth the risk. The creek is so close and the mine walls look like they’re ready to collapse any second. They even acknowledged this on this show finally.

I don’t know how much mining can be done at Porcupine this year. Without a map of the property, I can’t offer a whole lot of ideas. I’m sure Fred and Dustin will find some area to mine. It doesn’t seem like they would bring in new people and equipment for the season with no intention of expanding the mine at Porcupine. Only time will tell.

In Guyana, the Hoffman group continued their big move. Trying to get all of this equipment and tools from the United States to their claim in the Guyana jungle has proven quite a challenge. The weather isn’t cooperating. Rain combined with terrible sand and clay roads has turned the move into a huge headache.

What’s the plan for that crappy old bridge, by the way? Tiger Creek Bridge, I think it was called. Despite strengthening the top of the bridge, the Hoffmans saw the bottom of the bridge collapse due to the rain. How much would it cost to tear down the bridge and bring in a proper bridge engineered to handle 35-40 tons? That bridge is vital. If the Hoffmans are able to have a successful season and intend to stay in that area beyond this year, they will probably need to invest in a structurally safe bridge. As it stands (sort of), I wouldn’t drive an empty pickup over it.

Even though I thought this episode consisted of a lot of setting up for the season, important things are happening. Parker and his crew are already running rocks. That’s impressive. His season may not be, however. If I recall, “Old Blue” was shunned by Todd Hoffman and Freddy Dodge because they felt the machine’s gold catching efficiency wasn’t very impressive. If this is the case, Parker could be in for a disappointing season, especially if he intends to match the other crews ounce for ounce.

Rating: 8.5

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