Breaking Bad S03E01 No Mas Review

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I started out watching Breaking Bad episode to episode as it aired on AMC but after season two, the show got put on the back burner for me. I know the series has finished but I've finally got the feeling to resume where I left off. Truthfully, I've been watching Breaking Bad marathons for the past couple of days. I had to watch the first two seasons to server as a refresher. It's funny how many little details ... Read More

How to Live to 100 Greenlit to Series

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I generally don't publish a whole lot of television news. Never, actually. It's a rat race to cover everything. So I tend to skip it all together. The company I work for doesn't believe food shows are worth covering in their news department. I, on the other hand, feel that someone needs to cover it and get the word out there. Last winter Cooking Channel aired a special called How to Live to 100. It was a cooking show hosted by Detroit-born chef, ... Read More

Fast N’ Loud S04E10 Shelby Rent-A-Racer Resto, Part 2 Review

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After last week's disappointing conclusion to the first part of the Shelby Rent-A-Racer restorations, Gas Monkey got right back to work in Monday's episode. Aaron didn't freak out like I would have after seeing the metal in the oil. He suggested it may not be anything serious and to simply do an oil change. I'm not some car expert, but the vibrations and odd noises suggested something potentially serious was going on. I didn't think a mere oil change would ... Read More

Gold Rush – Garnets or Gold Review

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In my review of last Friday's episode, I was pretty up-front when it came to Todd and Jack Hoffman's decision to leave Guyana to spend time with their family. I have no regrets about it. I still can't believe they would bail on the team this early in the season. Everyone there is missing their family. They haven't just up and decided to take off, have they? As is the case with the Hoffman crew, things went from bad ... Read More

Holmes Makes It Right S02E02 Starting Again Review

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"Starting Again" was an unusual episode in the sense that it shows how one person's emotional state can affect their life. The homeowner, Manuel, couldn't sleep in his bed after he lost his wife. It was so bad that he eventually abandoned the bedroom he and his wife shared, moving into the room their son used to live when he was a boy. It's amazing how much of an impact one person can have on another. Manuel, however, thankfully knew ... Read More

Fast N’ Loud S04E09 Shelby Rent-A-Racer Resto, Part 1 Review

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Sweet, a Shelby. Aaron may not be a fan of Mustangs, but I love the look of these old cars. The 1968 looked great. What made this particular one cool was it was one of the old Rent-A-Racers from Hertz. Imagine renting a race car for a day. It's no wonder the motor in this car was toast! Rust wasn't the problem with this car. That doesn't mean the body was perfect, however. Despite the previous ... Read More

Fast N’ Loud S04E08 ’71 Cool Kingswood; Retro Replicar Review

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The Gas Monkey Garage was humming this week with multiple projects keeping the monkeys busy. Richard even had his mind on other things, namely a problem with the Gas Monkey Bar and Grill. I thought hell would freeze over before Richard would dare grace Gas Monkey with a friggin' station wagon to work on. I couldn't believe he would bring in that 1971 Chevy Kingwood Estate station wagon. It was ugly. However, it was in terrific shape. When it comes ... Read More

Gold Rush – Road From Hell Review

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Greetings, Gold Rush fans! Some episode, wasn't it? We're finally seeing mining this season. It's about damn time if you ask me! Let's start off at good ol Porcupine Creek. Dustin and Fred's drilling adventures didn't initially look like they were going to pay off, but in the end, they may have. It turns out at 24 feet, they were getting very close to bedrock. According to the gents, the blonde sandy material that began shooting up ... Read More

Holmes Makes It Right S02E01 Building Hope Review

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This week on Holmes Makes It Right, Mike Holmes and his crew give a hand to a woman who has been through a lot lately. She suffered an aneurysm, followed by two strokes. Good grief! She's damn lucky to have survived those. They can all be lethal. This episode stood out as different because Mike wasn't in constant communication with the home owner the entire episode. Instead it was the woman's adult daughter. She took it upon ... Read More

Gold Rush – In Too Deep Review

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I'm sure Gold Rush fans were looking forward to tonight's new episode. Discovery has promoted the heck out of it. It didn't take long for the Discovery PR team to show conflict between Greg Remsburg and Parker Schnabel. Greg has only been on the job a matter of days and he's screwed something up. I'll be the first to admit that in the promos for this episode, I was annoyed by how Parker came across. He really sounded like ... Read More